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Relative Learning Topics

You will find the most useful learning topics that your team will face every day. We don’t waste your time.

Black and Green Algae

Algae Treatment Plans

It is usually rare to have visible algae show up in a well-maintained pool, and black algae is especially rare if you take preventative measures such as using phosphate removers, however, if you encounter algae, there are steps…

Repair & Clean Filters

DE Filter with Top Manifold

If you have a D.E. filter with a top manifold and you are experiencing D.E. leaking into your pool, you can follow these steps to clean the top manifold. First, always turn off the pool pump before you start any project, you…

Get it ready

How to Winterize a Pool

The first thing we want to do is make sure that the pool chemistry is properly balanced. Then you want to clean the pool. Once the pool is balanced and cleaned, then you need to determine if adding a winter kit is required. If you…

How to fix a Filter Leak

Fix a Leaking Pool Filter

Fixing a leaking pool filter depends on the location of the leak and the type of filter you have. However, there are some steps to follow to find the leak, then follow more specific steps for each type of…

Install a Flow Switch

A flow switch is a device that monitors the flow of fluid or gas in a system, and triggers an alarm or control action if the flow falls below or exceeds certain levels. We will cover the steps involved in installing and testing…

Free up your time as the business owner or manager.

THE PAIN – 40% or more of your time is spent training new employees and fielding calls from pool technicians on-the-job, even questions like what to do about critters in the pool! The Swimming Pool Master Training Program is guaranteed to reduce your phone time, so you can focus on your customers, as well as running and growing your business! Sign up today and let us Partner with you to get your team quickly and fully trained. It will change your life.

Course Options

Our courses include comprehensive training solutions for maintaining and servicing swimming pools, as well as professionalism and customer service. Technicians who complete the SPM Program, and use the available tools and resources, become Masters of their trade and long-term assets to your team. SIGN UP TODAY!


Water chemistry is one of the most important C’s of pool care. Learn the importance of Water Chemistry and how to properly balance water chemistry for perfectly safe swimming.


Your team is the face of your operation, so professionalism and understanding legal issues that can arise while on their properties, is essential to the success of your business.


Learn about the three main types of pool filters, how to maintain, clean, replace them to keep your customer’s pools sparkling in-between regularly scheduled maintenance calls.


Our lighting course details various types of pool lighting, steps for installation and maintenance, and even servicing the most common issues for lighting fixtures and accessories, which adds to your pool maintenance know-how, and bottom line.


Service your customer’s pool equipment and tools, with step-by-step instructions for pumps, filters and more! (Coming Soon – a searchable database of pool equipment & parts as well as tutorials on how to service them!)


Knowing which equipment is best for a particular pool challenge is essential. Learn this, as well as standard tools for weekly cleans, a basic necessity for successful technicians. Technicians will learn all the tools and how to use them.

Current Master Partners & Students

See what our current partners are saying about the Swimming Pool Master Training Program and other member perks as a Master Partner.

Clint Ray
The Pool Guy Northshore, LLC,

“I own a pool maintenance and service business covering 5 surrounding towns, and like most owners, I used to spend about 50% of my time fielding calls from technicians. SPM cut out most of these calls, so now my time is free to focus on customers. The Forum is a must-have for questions and getting advice.”

Rachael Jacobs
Employee for All Things Pools, Inc.

“When I first started my job, I was overwhelmed! – So much to learn to be an effective maintenance technician. Now, if I need to solve a particular problem in-the-field, I search the topic on my phone and within seconds I have the answer. I highly recommend the SPM Training & Support Program for anyone in the industry.”

Tommy Griffin
Manager, A+ Pool Service, LLC

The Swimming Pool Master Program is a informative learning system that includes training, as well as support through the The SPM Service Library. It is available 24/7 for field technicians, so instead of calling first, they refer to the library app for quick and easy answers to common questions.


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